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Yes, if you want to lose extra kilos then practice a combination of diet and high resistance training program. This way, you’ll shed the extra kilos while retaining the muscle mass.

Diet foods actually contain high quantities of ‘bad’ ingredients, increasing your intake of salt or sugar which have adverse effects, opposite to what the lable says.
Moreover, a person tends to eat more in the name of diet foods. And ultimately restricting the portion size and improving the quality of nutrients is what will help you lose weight.

You’re right! Trying to be perfect is too hard. Sometimes it creates stress- which can inhibit weight loss. Instead of trying to follow your diet rules perfectly, you should learn about food exchange so that you can choose your food options smartly within your boundaries. This will make it easier to follow a plan without making it monotonous.

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Fitness Program

Exercise not only helps in reducing the weight but also helps in maintain bone density, muscle strength, flexibility, and balance, which can prevent falls and injuries. Exercise and physical activity have also been shown to improve mood, reduce anxiety and depression, and enhance cognitive function in older adults. A well balanced diet along with an exercise program ensure a healthy life. 

Our qualified fitness experts design customized  fitness program based upon the persons age, gender, sex and activity level. Moreover our main emphasis is to improve the overall health by keep a control on your blood glucose levels, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, reduce anxiety. 

Moreover our main emphasis is on the improvement in quality of life by including exercises that improve cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and balance. We provide different fitness program based on patients need. Our fitness experts also help you too. Increase your activity level, exercise for special populations refers to physical activity programs designed specifically for individuals with medical or health conditions that affect their ability to exercise safely. So this group require greater level of supervision Here are some examples:

1. Older adults: Exercise programs for older adults should focus on improving flexibility, balance, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Low-impact activities like walking, swimming or cycling are recommended.

2. Pregnant women: Exercise during pregnancy can have many benefits, but it’s important to consult a doctor and follow a program that’s safe for both the mother and baby. Low-impact activities like breathing, walking or swimming are generally recommended.

3. People with disabilities: Exercise programs for people with disabilities can be tailored to the individual’s specific abilities and goals. Activities may include wheelchair sports, adaptive yoga or stretching.

4. Individuals with chronic conditions: People with chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease or arthritis can benefit from exercise programs designed to manage their condition and improve overall health and fitness. These programs may include flexibility, strength and aerobic exercises.

5. Cancer survivors: Exercise can help manage some of the side effects of cancer treatment and improve overall quality of life for cancer survivors. Programs may include moderate-intensity activities like walking or cycling.

It’s important to work with a qualified exercise professional or healthcare provider to develop a safe and effective exercise program for special populations.

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