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Obesity has become a major health problem

Obesity has become a major health problem in the young population, specially in the urban areas. 

An excess body weight can be the consequence of genetic factors, endocrine disorders or certain drugs. However, “simple obesity” is the most common, consequence of providing too much energy from food products in comparison to energy expenditure (caloric excess). We all know that lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle and energy-rich diet are the main causes of excess body fat accumulation. Because of improper eating behaviors, children consume an excess amount of energy in terms of carbohydrates and fats. Moreover, Television advertisements targeting children, high dependency on smartphones has also led children to lead a sedentary lifestyles, children prefer playing online games instead of engaging in physical activities. Furthermore fast food sold in school cafeterias promotes unhealthy eating habits. 

The poor eating habits which are common among young population are:
1. Snacking on highly processed and calorie-rich foods like burgers, pizzas, chips, sugary drinks, frozen snacks and ready to eat meals. These are rich in refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, sugar, salt, preservatives, artificial flavors and low in proteins, fiber, vitamin & minerals.

2. Eating mind-lessly – eating in front of the TV screen or while playing on the phone.

3. “Eating out” frequently- Now days eating outside foods at restaurants has become a trend. People love to eat out without knowing its health consequences later in life. The fast food items, tend to have a lot more saturated and trans fats than home prepared meals. Moreover large portion size and combo meals attract children which leads to overeating, adding to the calories.

4. Emotional eating- People turn to food for comfort consciously or unconsciously when feeling bored, facing any problem, or feeling stressed.
Poor eating behaviors are one of the major factors for the development of childhood obesity.

It’s important to control childhood obesity. Because it has been linked to several health conditions such as hormonal issues, constipation, low concentration, diabetes, asthma, hypertension, high cholesterol, joint problems, and liver diseases in later life. Eating habits are usually formed in early childhood and parents play a very important role in their development. The need for parents to encourage their children to adopt healthy eating habits by creating a healthy food environment in the family. 

Parents should also promote the intake of proper meals , that are nutritious and balanced in energy, protein, good quality fats, fruits and vegetables and fiber should be done. Also encourage them to participate in indoor or outdoor sports during leisure time to increase physical activity level. Try to indulge them in household work. Preventing obesity can help to protect children’s health in the present as well as the future. It’s our joint responsibility to make our future generation live a healthy and happy life.

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